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So I've been a bit irritated with OS X's Spotlight.

Used to use it for simple calculations. For instance quick age calc's


Simple right? Yeah. Except I would get no results. So I go to check the Spotlight prefs... And what do I see?


And I'm not quite sure how that setting got tweaked. Cannot think of a single reason why I would have unchecked that box. Of course, my memory isn't what it once was.

Been reading Anne Rice's, Prince Lestat

I'm about 3/4 of the way through the thing...

He can be infuriating stupid and stubborn. He can always be counted on to want to do the exact opposite of that which *must* be done. Selfish bastard.

Damned stupid vampire mother fucker.

Great read though!

Not usually one to write reviews, I'd much rather read them. But this? This moved me. That and the book was written by an LJ friend of mine jvmatucha

Two addicts formerly linked, searching for something. Or someone. There was hope for peace at the end as both seemed to suffer some sort of insight that made them want to get from under their respective monkeys (on their backs). They were so close and missed each other by inches.

A good read with some valid insights into tweaker and punk sub-cultures, and a very nice left turn into the clean and sober culture of 12 steppers. Some of the views towards which of one of the characters I happen to agree with. They can tend to get caught up in the rote and ritual of 12 stepping. The program is the only way. If you ain't working' it then you do not exist in their universe. I have personal experience with some of this. It resonated.

I have to assume the author knows wherefrom he speaks, or interviews people really well.

I burned through the last third of the book rather quickly yesterday afternoon and evening. Also I'd like to know what became of some of the characters in this book. Don't leave me hangin' man!

I'm awaiting the next tome from Mr. Matucha. Whether it be a sequel or something altogether different. Best get busy, sir!

**Technical issues: **There were some quirks in the publishing of the book. Some lines did not end right, the formatting seemed to be off a bit. And for a while there I couldn't get the book to load properly onto my Kindle. I started to read the pdf version a few days ago that Mr. Matucha was kind enough to send me a couple months ago, but sometimes pdf's do not load quite right either. I decided to see if Amazon (or whoever) had resolved whatever issues that the book had as a download and lo and behold I got a download-able and read-able version of Crash Shadow: A Tale of Two Addicts.


Tech Dad to the Rescue! Or maybe not...

The Offspring has (or had) a 30 pin iPad (read: old) she's been using as a POS register at her vintage clothing and accessory store. She tried to update it and it started giving one of those Error 4013 things. I gave her an old Android tablet I had laying around. I'm not fond of it so it wasn't getting used. I just don't care much for Android as an OS.

Been 7 days since my last post. Oh well, nothing for it! Onward through the fog!

It took a few times (and a reboot of my Mac for some reason) I finally got it to restore to iOS 9.3.5. iTunes sees it as a blank slate. But the screen is black. Doesn't seem to respond to the power button or the Home button.

Dunno what's going on in there. And I'd like to.

Can I somehow make it work? And the general consensus in my FB groups is that the thing is TOAST. One of the guy's told me it was likely old enough to be a security risk for monetary use and I needed to upgrade to a lightning compatible machine. "Dude. This particular retail startup ain't even paying the owners yet, much less got any money for tech investments, get off my case, and besides the Android I gave isn't THAT old so she's likely compliant for now. He was quite persistent. Damn kids!

If I wanted to pry it apart, there might be a way to get it working again, I'm inclined to just let the thing go.

Shame. Really. I'll ponder it for a while.

And Then

So I've been waking up every morning with a stiff neck AND a splitting headache. For about the last three weeks.

I am a side sleeper because of COPD and Apnea. And to be honest, my weight (which I am working on). Not to mention, I am used to sleeping that way. Last time I tried to sleep on my back I seem to remember it didn't go very well. I may try again, but for now I'm blaming my pillows. I think. *laughs*

I used to have a side sleepers wedge that facilitated better sleep. Got rid of it when I moved. Which may not have been the smartest idea in hindsight. So I've ordered another from Amazon.com: Side Sleepers Wedge.

Had one before but it was sized for my Queen size bed which I also gave up when I moved because of the size of the room I was moving into. This one is a bit smaller at 35"L x 24"W x 8"H


Been so warm here we've had that new Air Con on today. If for no other reason than to keep the humidity down in the house. I think it hit about 80F for a high today.


(Re)Construction continued today. Looks like they finished the gate and are about 2/3 done with the eaves and soffits. Looks pretty good too. The stuff they are replacing had been painted a few times and is currently a dark brown. Being replaced with a wood replacement of some kind that will be painted dark brown to match. Stripped the siding from the back of the house and will use White HardiPlank to shore all of that up. And they added insulated sheathing today. That stuff should outlast the house! At the rate they are going they should be done within a day or so. Then just the roof is left.


All the crap going on here drove the DAWG nuts! I'd get him settled and they'd do something else and "Woof" "Woooooof!" "BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! " would start all over again.

I may have to try and train the SOB just for sanity saving measures...
She says: I went to get one of my Vanilla yogurts this morning and had only 2 left. Somebody took one!

Me: da noive!

She says: How come when I do a Yahoo! search on that word the Wizard of Oz keeps coming up?

Me: Because the Cowardly Lion said it in the movie.

Me: basically - "The Nerve!"

She says: Thanks!
I wanna go h-o-ome!

And she ain't even blond! But sometimes I wonder...

That conversation STILL makes me laugh. Out loud, ev-en.

Came from one of my lj entries from Feb 2007... THIS is why I still LJ... Well, one of the reasons...
"A Good Sermon should have a good beginning and a good ending, and they should be as close together as possible..."


Bears repeating and remembering from Jan. 28th, 2009


Still Great!

I posted this originally on Jan 2, 2009. It is still good stuff.

Beaker sings "Yellow". Greatness!

I have been going through my old entries and archiving them in one form or another. Or at least making sure I have copies some where. I am unto locate my old LJBooks I did for some years. They are here, I'm pretty sure. Just not sure exactly where. Obsess much Tom?

At any rate, that old stuff certainly makes for some interesting reading. Sometimes think my life is an utter mess right now...

Heh. Well no, not really. I was in fucking chaos back then. Real chaos. On the back end of a bad relationship with wife 3.0. We were done and trying to separate everything as amicably as possible. Or I was at any rate. Not exactly sure when it was that I became "The One Most Evil" but I'm fairly certain it was around this time. I sometimes still struggle with that. I mean I wasn't the one that was stepping out on my significant other, but I'm still the evil one... Of course I wasn't sure of that at the time. I had my suspisions but nothing concrete. Whatever...

This entry from the 2d Jan 2009 was amusing... Or it is NOW. Back then, not so much...

Never a Dull Moment

And then the aftermath when the plumber cometh

Kind of fun looking back at some of this and wondering how the fuck it was I kept a cool head through most of it. Fucking sad too.

So. Much. Drama.
I just gotta laugh.


I got nothing. My life just isn't that interesting right now...

Been playing with the camera settings on my iPhone some more. And I got this sunset to look almost like it actually looked to the naked eye...

Low lights

It's really close.

Poor Boy

So this happened today...

Apparently the poor boy got his dew claw hooked into something and tore it loose. He had been feeling poorly and worrying it, and so.

**The Cone Of Shame**


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