TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Holy Shitballs, Batman!

Went to my really, really, REALLY old photog site at WordPress. I have a thought to start blowing content there and not just artwork. Been so long it's like pulling teeth to change anything administratively. Fucking PAINFUL...

But Wordpress supports markdown. Once you figure out how to turn it on.



And while I was dinking about with that FIREFOX CRASHED. Had two windows with about 20 tabs between them open. Had a bunch of stuff related to a contract job and it was just gone.


Speaking of that job, the guy that asked to do the work was supposed to get with me today and of course did not. How bad do you want this stuff, man? Lesson learned, send that dude a meeting notice...


Ffs one

And some of my skills just seem to be like that too... Just GONE!!

But I made this awesome FFS! drawing and turned it into a user pic as well as a picture I can just use at the appropriate time

#FFS #wordpress #markdown_stuff
Tags: #ffs, #firefox, #markdown_stuff, #wordpress
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