TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Legends of Tomorrow?

Just finished the second season. Of all the arrowverse shows... That had to be the lamest season I've seen yet.

I've seen all The Arrow. All of Legends. Some of the Flash. And some Supergirl. Still working on those.

These shows all have stupidity issues. As in how stupid can you be and still be allowed to live sometimes.

Legends showed some real promise in the first season in my opinion. But damn!

These guys seem to fuck up every single thing they touch. And then when they try to fix it it seems likely they will screw shit up even worse.

Dunno if I'll be back for a third. Haven't even checked to see if they were renewed. Not sure if I'll bother.

Did Darvil bail from being a regular because LAME-O? And Darhk. Stay dead all ready!


#tv #arrowverse #legends

Tags: #arrowverse, #legends, #tv
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