TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

The Oxygen Delivery. Or Not.

Friday when I got home and discovered they had not made the delivery, I called to see what was going on. (They said) a signature was required and so they could not leave my order. They didn't have any trouble picking up my empties though.

And I understand about the signature thing. I don't live in the best neighborhood. Certainly would not ask my neighbors to sign.

Then said they would deliver on Monday (yesterday). Around 5 - I gave them a call, they said it was scheduled for today - Tuesday... Not gonna work for me-

I have an appointment in the afternoon to see if I am going to JAIL... *Jeebus - I thought I was done with this shit - I of course, did not reveal this to THEM *a case of NONEYA after all*- but I may have been a little TERSE*. I finally said to the sputtering CSR, "Look - is Friday the regular delivery day here? Well it is. I know it is. Let's schedule it for Friday..."

This is the first time delivering new cylinders, they are not batting a thousand with me. Think I'll ask the insurance company who I should be using. They were not on the initial list... Sooooooo.
Tags: copd_sucks

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