TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

❝Slurpin' Life Through a Straw❞

I was just getting ready to call the O2 company, when the doorbell rang. Dog went berserk *of course*... I answered and the guy that set me up originally with two large-ish cylinders. I looked at them and looked back at him... "You don't need these?"
"Nossir. I need portables. They picked up four last Friday." I then explained about last Friday and this Monday and Tuesday.

❝As you may have already figured out, communication is not the strong suite of our company...❞

*laughs* *'No shit, Pal. No shit'* He took those back out and brought back four portables. Asked him about connection options for the CPAP mask they gave me at the hospital. He took off for the truck and I followed behind "Holy fuck, it's hot out today!" I said. He agreed. This is a big dude. Bigger than me... We hammered out a solution that would work for connecting my O2 line to the new *to me* mask. I haven't used it since I got home from hospital because I couldn't figure out how to get the line connected. It was a much smaller than standard set of tubing. Pretty simple solution, he just cave me another connector like the one I bought from Amazon for my old mask. Dude... DUH!

Checked the mail while I was outside and also because I didn't check it yesterday. Got the House-mate's card from Lovepop Cards. They make really nice popup cards for every occasion. Lady seems partial to sunflowers, so whoop there it is!. The actual day is Sunday, so Saturday Night I'll put it out.

*laughs* But I digress... The back and forth between the truck mailbox and front door left me gasping for air. Seriously, leaning on the chest of drawers in the hallway until I could get my inhaler out, and primed and ready to go. And I needed to change out the line from my CPAP line to a cannula extension and the extractor itself tuned on. Been hitting it off and on ever since.

#copd_sucks #room_mate_follies #birthdays
Tags: #birthdays, #copd_sucks, #room_mate_follies
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