TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Too Old to Die Young

Now there's a thought...

❝And I let it run like an open vein
Love the pleasure and curse the pain
Ohh, foolish things I’ve done
And I never thought I’d make it here
Wish I could live another hundred years
Ohh, foolish the things I’ve done
But I’m too old now to die young.❞

— Will Hoge -

Seems a bit - Melancholy doesn't it?
Picked up from ScratchPad on the creative cafe A Medium.com project that promotes, in their words; Poetry, fiction, personal essay and so much more.
And no, I haven't submitted anything for publication there. Have you been to medium.com? Rather interesting concept in social media and blogging *in general*.


I've not been nearly positive enough lately. And for that I apologize. To you. To me.

It's been a hard year. Dealing with all I've been dealing with has made it hard to stay focused on what good there has been. Because there has been and I haven't been showing my gratitude nearly enough.

Grateful to be here. Grateful to you for being here.

That said, there is one less person on my friends list.
fragbert removed me at some point this morning.

So , "Adios, amigo!"

Picked him up during the recent LJ revival thing. I had seen him around LJ for years. I think he even started that 2017_revival group. He hadn't posted anything since sometime in June anyway. If I remember correctly, it was a post to say he had lost the will, didn't have time, etc...

Maybe I wasn't positive enough or something for him. It's okay, I can be an acquired taste sometimes. Or not.

I don't think we ever really clicked any in any personal way. It happens sometimes. I might have removed him some time back when going through the list in one of my periodic purges. Cannot remember. Doesn't matter. I just got an email that the dude had removed me...

I thought the dude was a bit pompous and pretentious at times. Sometimes it seemed it was just a bit "Forced". If you liked the guy, more power to you. I was not a fan after a bit.

And I can be kind of a dick sometimes too...

There were a few others that I picked up from there that have fizzled out. Happens. Shame though, some seemed quite interesting.

At any rate, I am glad you're here!

Hope the weekend is treating you all right!




Tags: #gratitude, #i_can_be_a_dick_sometimes, #lj_friends, #quotes, #thoughtful
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