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My Thoughts on Removing Memorials to Confederate Heroes and Southern Heritage..

Now I agree, if you’re going to do this it needs to be done the right way. Legally. With a general consensus. Not just show up and tear the motherfucker down. That’s wrong. Illegal.

Does consensus in this term mean 'Every one agrees'? No. It does not. It means a majority gets what they want or need. Remember we live in a democratic republic.

If you want to be reminded of the Heritage of Hate and Oppression, then by all means let's keep re-hashing that antique bullshit argument about the war being about State's Rights.

Yeah, the Civil War WAS about state's rights. State's rights of citizens to oppress and own persons of another race. Other than white (in general)... If you were of European stock then...

Well it always comes down to "Other". Other than white.

Read the Articles of Confederation... It is there. And Jefferson Davis himself, the President of the Confederacy, said that the war was about the rights to own slaves.

Again It Ain't About Changing History. No. It ain't...

It isn't about changing history. It's about getting rid of symbols of hate and oppression. Because that is what these things are. The history is still there. You cannot change it. We could do a better job of teaching it though. When I went to school we got a pretty much 'White' washed version of the civil war. And of American History in general.

Case in point...

We keep glorifying these guys. And for what? I mean I get it, the Southern Heritage thing... My dad was Military and when we returned to the States (in 1972 or three) after a posting in Scotland (stories for another time, eh) the Jr. High I attended was Jefferson Davis Jr. High. The High School I attended was Nathan Bedford Forest High School for Gawd's sake.

Our school mascot was a stylized Confederate General. Almost cartoon like. The Stars and Bars (Confederate battle flag) went to every damned football game. We were the fighting Rebels! And up the street? Robert E. Lee HS. And J.E.B. Stuart HS.

I wonder how that sat with the young black men that comprised a good bit of all the athletic squads? That symbol of oppression flying over their heads. You know, I never asked. For one thing, I didn't hang out in that crowd. The Jocks. For another thing - I don't think at that time (the early to mid 1970's) I gave it that much thought. That was shameful on my part. Shameful.

And I was raised in a family without prejudice. But not without White Privilege.

And let me tell you something - I sure as fuck think about it now. Every day. Not because of Charlottesville. That's just the latest low point in a history of low points.

Times change. And so do we. Hopefully we evolve as human beings.

That school was named after that man in protest of a court decision for public school integration by local (white) leaders in 1959. The name was put forth by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

The man was the first grand wizard of the Klan... The KLAN!

In 2007 the matter of changing the name of the school was put before the Duval County school board and soundly defeated. It came up again in 2013. The vote was unanimous to change the name. And it was finally done in 2014.

And my word, some of the people that went to my school came unglued.

Ashamed to say I knew them.

What did it take? What happened? The demographics of the area surrounding the school changed. As these things are wont to do over a long period of time.

And you know...

I couldn't care less about the name of that damned school. I last walked those halls in the summer of 1976. Never even looked back.

So yeah, I don't give a flying fuck about the 'heroes' of the Confederacy. And I'm an unabashed southern boy.

Those good ol' boys ain't heroes. Unless you are for oppression and subjugation of other races. Or the vilification of "The Other". That's all about hate there. Hate and fear of people that are different than you are.

So how in the Hell can they stand for anything that is good and just? Answer me that.

And as someone once said, "That's just my opinion, I could be wrong..."

But you know I'm fucking right...

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