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Why Was I Awake at This Insufferable Hour? Woke up before Six.

This is what happens when you go to bed at midnight. And I awoke suddenly as well. Not sure why. Likely some not remembered uneasy dream. Laid around trying to get back to sleep until around half past six. Tried HARD too. Works as well as it ever does. Which is - not at all.


Quote of the Day

❝Note to self: do not delete the things you’ve done.❞
~ Sofia Indy, Here’s how I created my own misery. on medium.

Link about it

Not the first time I've seen this work. For some reason, it is speaking to me. Need to ponder it a bit.


My B-I-L, "G" has followed me on quora.com. Unusual- firstly; because we ~~rarely~~ EVER have any kind of contact at all. Secondly; I've never seen any indication of he *or my sister, "J"* have any sort of online presence at all. I mean, at all. She gets on Facebook a bit. I've never seen anything from him online. Or if I have, it has been so rare as to have been forgotten.

The the thing is, I suspect they may have voted for Trump. From the noise she was making before the election. It would inexcusable. Indefensible. But I make it a point not to talk politics with my sister.


Ha! I reckon things could be worse, eh?
August 15, 2017 at 07:16AM

Sitting in the back yard in the morning with my first cup of coffee and this was the sky that greeted me.

The Rest...
- On track with my meds
- Washed the bedclothes and put them back on the bed. Took 25 fucking minutes to do that1 . Used a timer. Because I wanted to see how long it took.
- Got a load in the dryer. One in the wash. One in reserve2 . *one to go*
- Put up an Opinion Piece on medium. Linked to Facebook and Lj accounts. On confederate glorification and why I'm opposed.
- Kept up with the dishes.
- Got my trash ready to go out.
- Took a shower
- Broke a toe3 .
- Trash and recyclables at the curb for collection in the AM
- Coffee is made for in the morning.

I think I've done enough for one day...

  1. Fucking COPD is whipping my ass.

  2. See footnote 1. Left one in the dryer and I've got the other load to wash as well. Bed was made and the second load was dried and hung up.

  3. Slammed it into a chair leg in the kitchen whilst grazing through the fridge for summit to eat. Wasn't a big toe or a little toe. One of the middling toes. Didn't hurt at first but it was bent away at a funny angle so I could tell. So I sat in the damned chair I bonked it on and moved it back into place. Got that grating feeling. Had to do it a couple of times 'cause it kept moving back. Of course NOW it stings pretty effin' good.

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