TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Dang It!

August 15, 2017 at 09:54AM

Had an accident last week. Spilled water into my old Apple Aluminum **wired ** keyboard. And now it maybe about time to say adieu. Got a bunch of stuff that isn't working. That's just the stuff I can tell. On the main keys: 2, 3, -, [delete] (both of them), [tab], q,w,e, left bracket, [] key, a, s, d, ', left [shift], z, x, v, [cntl], [alt] or [option], [command]

And on the numeric keypad, which I am already missing, as I use it a lot: 0, 2, [Enter], +, -, *.

They don't make this thing anymore. Not in the cheap wired version. Make a "Magic" Blue tooth version... * sigh *. AT TWICE THE PRICE. Not everything has to be fucking wireless.

* So now what? *

Kind of wondering if I just let it sit for a while (although it has already been a few days) if I'll get that functionality back.

* One thing is certain, I need to get it off my desk. I keep trying to * USE THE FUCKER!!

* laughs *

#tech_support #apple_everything

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Tags: #apple_everything, #tech_support
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