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Shower Follies with TexasT's

Last Sunday night (I think) I went in to take a shower. And shave. 

Now I've shaved in the shower for years and years. Probably ever since they invented those (supposed to be) z'fogless mirrors for use in the shower or bath. I've got (had) one of those shaving mirrors in the shower that circulates water behind it to keep them from fogging up while you shave. Have an old waterpik hand held shower massage. - they are both getting a little old and would need replaced soon, I thought. The mirror is getting hard to see - no matter what I clean it with and the showerhead - meh - the less said about that thing the better. Not even sure if the massage thing works on it anymore. And looking at the Shower Caddie, (Wire covered with white vinyl) that would need to go soon too. Soon - But not yet.

I noticed (while I was shaving) as the water was running that there were a number of small leaks around the end of the water pipe where the mirror connects between the water supply and the shower head. Now when did that start? Against my better jusdgment *Don't touch it!* I reached up and touched the fixture for the mirror. Even more water shot out the sides.

As I dried off, I tried not to think of the implications of what I had just seen in the shower.

I was almost awake when The Queen went in to take a shower the next morning and noticed she left the bathroom right away! With towels and soap and stuff! Soon heard water running in the other bathroom. I got up and went into the bathroom, looked in the shower and sure enough the connection to the supply pipe had cracked off (at the mirror connection and was laying on the floor of the shower...

Didn't have time to deal with it at that red hot moment as I had to get in to work.


After work, though...
Tags: house and home, my life, the queen
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