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Shower Follies Continue...

dod-r-rather than go to the house after work, I went straight to Bed,Bath and Beyond - Initially I was just after a new mirror. Preferably not one that you have to hook up to the water supply.


705004415101Found one those that magnifies as you turn in clockwise, with no hookup and a handy little holder for a razor, too! Bad as my vision is, this would be good, although I'm not so sure I want to see my nose THAT close up! *grins*

But I'd had one of these before and they  worked fine - until they didn't anymore. Z'Fogless Shower Mirror.

Not terribly expensive and I know it will get the job done! Okay! So that part was done.

Thought while I was there...


PollenexMy, my...Things seem to have advanced since I was last in the market for a shower head! Seems that now you have to have at least two heads. And everyone knows two heads are better than one! I was torn. Such an array of choices...I stood there for quite a time thinking on this... The cheapies were pretty much out after the first go round.

I finally narrowed it down to two of the myriad brands they had there.

Tried and true Waterpik Aquafalltm Combo Shower Head or   Pollenex Hydroxytm...These have a little valve on the side that mixes air with the water and is supposed to be even more refreshing than a regular, tried and true, plain-jane Waterpik! I thought okay, I'm an agent for change...Pollenex for the win. And this rig was a little cheaper too! And Pollenenx has a reputation for making quality gear...Just like Waterpik.

I'm ready for a change! Two heads have gotta be better than one...Right? Right??

And while I was there I picked up a OXO Good Grips three tier shower caddy too. It looks to be big and roomy. It might actually hold all the stuff The Queen and I require for hygiene. Might as well get it all. While I was there, because I don't plan to be back in here for a while.

I pays my money and leave the store. Stop at Long John Silver's for Fish and Chips on the way home. It is well after dark by the time I get home and The Queen is already asleep. I grab a pair of channel lock pliers and make my way upstairs. I was telling myself I was too tired to do this tonight...But I want to take a shower in MY shower in the morning.

I change out of my work clothes and into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I pull everything out of their respective packaging. It is then that I discover the shower head assembly I have purchased in made out of plastic. Chrome plated plastic. Carp...

Oh well, nothing ventured - nothing gained. I go to pull the remains of the mirror fixture off the supply arm. With the tool I have - I can't! The supply arm just twists around as I apply the Channel locks forcefully to the plastic nut. So back down to the garage I go, cursing under my breath so as not to wake The Queen, to get another pair of channel locks or something. Got 'em - Well! Let's just take these two pairs of vice-grips up too. I don't want to make another trip downstairs, because when I finish with this, I'm going to bed.

So back up the stairs I go. Still muttering under my breath. "sass-a-frass-meklemuckety-muckl" I apply one pair of channel locks to the supply pipe and the other to this effing plastic nut. Still no dice. Throw the damned channel locks on the bed. Get the vice grips - one on the frickety-frackin' nut and the other on the shower arm. Gaining leverage with your arms stretched over your head ain't easy. But the damned fitting finally parts company with the shower arm. Whew!

Glad that worked. My next trick was a propane torch! I was gonna melt the sucker a little...One way or another...It was coming off. NOW!

Put the new mirror on the shower wall. Get the caddy up and mounted to the shower arm and suctioned to the wall. Grab the new shower head(s) and get them assembled and put on the shower arm with no issue.Turn the water on - looks good - no leaks around any of the fittings. So I leave the water on and start getting ready to go to bed. I was patting myself on the back for a job well done, when I hear a CRASH!!! from the direction of the shower. I look over and the entire shower head fixture is now laying on the floor of the stall. The connecting nut was still attached to the shower arm, but the rest had apparently blown off. It separated where the red arrows are in the picture.

Do yourself a favor don't buy this shower assembly. It is a cheap piece of trash. Click the pic for a larger view.

Click for a larger view

Turned the water off,  took the nut off, dropped the whole kit and kaboodle into the bag from whence it came. Put the old hand held shower head back on and went to bed, safe in the knowledge that I would indeed, be going back to Bed, Bath and Beyond again the next day.


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