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Casual Friday Not Withstanding

I Know It Is HOT Outside!

But it still is not okay to wear lounge wear to work! I saw an older lady (Well she was older than me) outside the building (and I know she works for the Big Clam) the other day who looked like she was ready to go to bed. PJ printed top and bottom. Matching (ooooooh!). And some of the tackiest looking flip flops I have ever seen. When was it (when I wasn't looking or maybe asleep...) that it became okay to wear this type of attire to work? What the fuck, people? You work for one of the largest multinational companies in the world, and this is the best you can do??
Haven't you got any respect? For your company? For your co-workers? For yourself?

I don't consider myself to be old school. But I'm continuously astounded by what people think is appropriate to wear to the office! I would never dream of wearing a pair of shorts to the office, much less sandals or flip-flops! Unless it was on the weekend. Maybe. Even then you'd be hard pressed to get me into a pair of shorts or sandals.
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