TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Found this map on a Dead Hunter... North-east of Snow Veil Sanctum

but South South-east of Winterhold...

'Tis but a short tale but one needs told..

The map sent us off to a place called Dragon Bridge. After a night or three at the Winking Skeever Inn in Solitude, we set off on the west road out of Solitude. Neither of us had ever been there so we hoped it might be a uneventful trip. Once we passed the Shrine of Meridia I figured we were about halfway there. That was where we had wrested matching blades out of the dead wizard Malcoran’s hands. Some how he had managed to duplicate the legendary sword Dawnbreaker.

        We didn't tell Meridea.

We used them to terrific effect on several tomb adventures. I had mine sequestered in my back pack should the need arise. Uthgerd had left hers at my keep outside of Morthal in favor of a great two handed sword she found. As we came down the hill into the village we caught sight of that magnificent bridge! What a sight! No one knows how long it has stood there. It certainly predated any settlement in the area. We crossed the bridge and looked off into the woods on the west side of the road. along side the river. The map had us looking for a key and the actual chest was sunk in the middle of the Karth river! We looked all over that damned  hill. Finally found it next to a lantern leaning on the side of a tree. The chest was supposed to be on the east side of the Bridge.

I walked to the cliffs edge and flung myself into the water. Gods it was cold! I managed to avoid the slaughter fish that seem to be so prevalent in the area and found the chest. And emptied it forthwith.

As I flung myself onto the south bank I was attacked by a small wolf, I quickly gave him the business end of my sword and lay back down on the bank to catch my breath. As the sun was starting to set we walked back over the bridge to the Four Shields Inn. I stood for a few ales for us and paid for a room. It was a well earned rest. I also inquired if there was any employment about. There wasn’t!

They didn't have any horses either. None for hire, and none for rent. We were in for some dusty boots on the morrow.

On to the next adventure.

Well hey, they can't all be all dragons and wizards, and vampires can they?
Tags: skyrim, treasure maps

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