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Come On In! He Won't Hurt Ya!

Unless being licked to death by an 80 pound boxer counts!

Two of the three Painting Contractors that I had contacted out of the neighborhood rag showed. Frst one never showed. Figure that was weather related, but he could have called. Second one showed up ON TIME - Sylvia gave me a nice quote room by room! The third guy showed up early. Got a look at Nikko and decided he liked the interior of his truck much better than coming inside to give us a quote! He almost ran to his truck. Even though I explained that the dog wouldn't hurt a fly!

Oh well...

I'll give that first guy a call tomorrow and see if he'll come by on Saturday.


While I had contractor number two upstairs we noticed the wall in the bedroom was wet. Asked The Queen to get her roofers out to have a look. Apparently they have another spot to fix.
Tags: house and home, the queen
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