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I was off Tuesday through Thursday last week. Highlight of the week? Helped The Offspring move from her apartment to a small bungalow in a different part of town. She moved into the Heights area of town. I personally liked her apartment, but the third floor hike had me gasping for air by the time I made it up to the top. So I loaded the UHaul and made sure everything was secure back there. Light sprinkling of rain while the goods were loaded.

She'll have a roommate living with her. A good thing.

Unloading at the other end had me reaching for my rescue inhaler. To the point where the kiddo was telling her Dad to take it easy.


I have got to quit smoking again. AGAIN! I have to think this asthma crap would go away after that. But it is that first step that is the effing killer innit?

The Heights area of Houston is one of the oldest neighborhoods in town. Bunch of old houses - some in better shape than others - interspersed with newer homes - some McMansions - but most built with the styles of a bygone era. I had not really been in that area of town for quite a while. It has changed quite a bit since my last visit there. Lovely side of town, really.

There's a garage apartment in the back of the property and I had noticed a bunch of stepping stones leading out from the entrance to it. Uh-Oh!

After we finished unloading the truck and the cars, The Offspring opened the garage door up. Soon the occupant of the apartment put in an appearance as she is more than a little concerned about security. Seems like a nice lady. Little odd on first glance. But who ain't? We all introduced ourselves (forget her name now, though) and I asked about the stepping stones. She says yeah it does tend to get a little deep there, but nothing serious. Typical Houstonian(!)

We went and got something to eat after that and then I cruised on home to Katy.

Thursday of course, Erin paid Houston a visit and I called the kiddo to see if she had to swim out to her car. No, but she would need to buy some rainboots or Wellies...Heh! Do they still call them golashes? Showing my age I suppose.

It was back to work on Friday for me - and I was really NOT in the mood for it. Fortunately on Fridays most of the workforce is off and not too many people had to see the mood I was in.

Saturday was another story...

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