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Another Jewel from Zen Habits:

6 Practical and Powerful Ways to Overcome Depression

Was a guest post from John Van Sickel of Walking the Black Dog Blog. Another site I think I'm gonna bookmark. Looks like Mr. Van Sickel has maybe a few insights that maybe some have not considered.

I'm not gonna reprint the entire post - especially since I linked to it - but I will hit the high points. I don't know if you knew, or have figured it out, but I have fallen prey to this malady. I'm recovering, and it is a slow and sometimes painful process. So I think I know a little bit about depression and all of this makes sense to me.

"Over 120 million people worldwide are affected by the black dog of depression, as Sir Winston Churchill described it."
So we are (or I was) not alone! And I really felt like it at times.

"It is truly one of the most devastating of dis-eases (not at ease!) in that it robs you of the ability to simply enjoy life. Activities that you used to enjoy leave you feeling empty. Interacting with friends, family and coworkers can be overwhelming."
Let me tell you now - That was exactly how I felt...My favorite quote from the post:
"It’s hard to imagine GTD, when just GOB (getting out of bed) seems like a chore."
The list:

John calls them caveman therapies for modern men and women:

1. Get outside
2. Aerobic exercise
3. Omega-3 fatty acids
4. Sleep
5. Socialize
6. Watch your thinking!

Seems so simple doesn't it? In practice however I can see there could be problems for me, considering I have trouble with half of these(right now)...I still have a long way to go.

My mantra: See the list - Read the list - Be the list!

Y'all have a great day! I have to go and do at least 2 of these today!

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