TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So While I Was About Some Bidness Today

I found the editorial section of today's paper. The obits are also in that section of the Chron. As I've gotten older, I've tended to scan them occassionally.

The first one I my eyes happen to light on today was someone I used to work with.


When I worked with him, he was a teamlead (Managers, we called them back then) of the Graphic Arts Department at our E & P Lab here in Houston. A great graphic designer. He was a really talented guy and had a serious amount of talent working for him as well. A highly intelligent man, he could talk rings around anyone I knew about anything. 

Including me...But I'm just a bullshit artist anyway.

He was a helluva nice guy too. A good father, a loving husband. A good friend. And a native Texan to boot!

After I transferred to a different location, we kind of lost touch, as these things sometimes go. We'd see each other once in a while at retirement gatherings for other folks. Or other company deals.

He retired from the Big Clam a while back and seemingly dropped off the hemisphere. Only for me to find him...In the paper. Damn.

Find it hard to believe finding that particular piece of the newspaper was a coincidence.

So, got a funeral to go to tomorrow...Ah Eddie - You'll be missed...

Edward Neyland Richardson

So long, pal! As I said, you'll be missed...


Tags: death, friends, life, work
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