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The other day when I was esconced in the waiting room of the doctor I was waiting to see for my biopsy (I just tried to spell that biospy and the thought occurred to me - Freudian slip? Think about it or maybe I am just reading too much William Gibson) I was playing a Sudoku grid on my Palm LifeDrive when it stopped responding to my screentaps. Not only that but, it (or something) was attempting to fill in the grid itself! Weird! So I turned it off, baffled as to what could be the cause. So I switched it back on and went back to my game. After a few minutes the same routine started up again.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm...Since it seemed like I was going to be stuck in this friggin' waiting room forever, I started digging a little deeper. Trying to get to another program was a trip. Not! Thought about it for a minute or two. Even did a soft reset to no real avail.Turned it off and back on again (seemed I had some semblence of control). Manuevered quickly to the keyboard icon for my IR keyboard on the thing, and switched it off. Voila!

I wouldn't have thought so, but it seems everyone is wireless these days and sure enough in the next room someone was using one of those wirless IR keyboards for a PC...Sheesh!


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I should get the results from my biopsy Thursday. Yesterday I scheduled surgery to get my sinuses straightened. Dependent on the Biopsy results of course. But we have tried to set a date for mid October. Maybe I'll be able to get back on the CPAP. The EENT doctor seems to think so. That would be great! I hate that friggin' machine, but I sure like the way it makes me feel after sleeeping with it all night! Hell, even using it half a night I still feel great the next day! And I'm starting to lose sleep again.

This will probably be the first year I've ever even come close to hitting my deductable on my health insurance. Looks like I've hit it and then some. Apparently I'm having one hell of a medical year. Just another sign...*sigh*

The Sudoku software is available from Andrew Gregory's website. Sudoku And it's free!

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