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Thoughts For an Early Sunday Morning

It is 5:30-ish as I start this. I don't know what the hell I was doing up before 5:00 AM this morning - But I'm already showered and coiffed *grins*. 

But I am easily distracted.

It is almost cool enough outside to be called "cool". But not really.

Venus is brilliantly visible in the eastern sky - by far the biggest thing in the sky - discounting the sun and moon of course. I thought it was a plane at first.

I need to stay the hell away from Fry's - I ain't even gonna tell you how much money I spent there yesterday! But everybody got a memory upgrade - Bought The Queen one of those silicon holder / protector thingies for her iPod (and me one too!), a 2GB memory upgrade for her notebook. Noticed Windoze Veeeesta kept hitting the upper end of the available RAM.

Some DVD's she can send to The Cool One. All are stand up comedy.

A big pack of DVD-R's - Still need make the recovery disks for her laptop. Both of the laptops will use these.

*I really like Nickleback's "Savin' Me" - Playing on my iPod now- Blasting in my headphones! The sound quality on the nano beats the player on my LifeDrive all to hell and back! A decent set of headphones really highlights the difference. Sounds pretty good coming out of my PC speakers too!*

Got another 512MB module for my desktop (PC133 mods are so cheap now - the notebook memory -not so much!) - And a FOUR - 4GB(!) upgrade kit for my Mac!

Removed a 128MB module. Installed the 512MB module in my PC - along with a 256MB and the 512MB that was already in it. For a total of 1.25 GB. Powered it up. It ran through the memory check. Got that scary memory check error - and both my screens COMPLETELY weirded out! Shit! Powered down, removed the 256 and powered up. Voila! I guess the 1GB limit the specs say for my old warhorse is a hard STOP! *grins* Still memory upgrades are one the easiest upgrades you can do - and they make a tremendous difference in the way the machine(s) run. Installed The Queen's new RAM. Helluva lot easier than a desktop upgrade.

A stand for my mac and a full size keyboard for the desk. A wireless print server so everyone can print documents. From wherever. Hope it works! A new mouse pad! ZOMG! What a difference it makes! I never thought you could wear one of those out - but...LOL! Maybe the old pad was made for a roller mouse.

Been attempting to read Jack Kerouac's "On the Road". For such a great book - it sure seems to be a hard read. Maybe it is just the style of the thing. But it just seems to me, so far anyway, (punctuation aside) to be one long rambling sentence. I really want to like this book - But so far....meh.

Engaged a lawn service this week.I've had it with cutting the grass or yard care in general. I used to get a serious amount of pleasure from this. Job well done and all that..Now though...not so much.

Today: Pay the bills and straighten up my office. Good thing it isn't outside...It would probably qualify for a Superfund cleanup. *LOL* It ain't environmentally unsafe, just a big friggin' mess!
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