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So Where were you on this the most infamous of days?

I was right where I am now...

Here in Cube City in a Hi-rise, in DT Houston. Got a call from the Queen, went in to a conference room, turned on the tube (Oh Shit!) and that was about all the work I got done for that day. Tuned in right about the time the second plane hit. I was stunned to silence - to say the least. Anger came later...

People on the floor were freaking out because they were in a hi-rise too. Some of that was understandable given these persons natures. However, I was not among them. Some of the folks that were sure surprised me though.

Managment for most companies in DT Houston released their employees to go home early that day. And the Big Clam (to it's credit, I guess) was right there with the others. So we all went home and turned on the tv...I sat there like a piece of wood. And wondered who would be next.

Let's face it though - those two towers stood out like a sore thumb and were a symbol for Capitalism. It wasn't the first time they were targeted either.

Tags: history, shit!

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