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Still Smoke Free 5th Day

I guess maybe I was ready to give up this filthy habit I had for over 30 years. I'm not really craving the nicotine (hah - that may be sooooooooooooo not true) so much as I am craving something to do with my hands.

I am not sleeping well either (well, not at night any way) - I think that should be expected though. I hope this will pass though. AND SOON!

I find myself a little fidgety (is that a word? )at the oddest times. But mostly when i am doing nothing...Solution - Stay busy! Easier said than done.

Put up a sign in my cube (Yes...TexasT's lives and works in CubeCity)

Beware of the BEAR - Smoke free for ___ days...He may BITE!

On my way into work at the Big Clam this AM, stopped by the smoking area to talk to some friends. And I guess to test myself...Still smoke free...


I was discouraged by a friend on the bus (the only form of mass transport in Houston - besides that boondoggle Train to nowhere - Don't get me started) yesterday. He stopped smoking 8 or 9 years ago and still claims to have no wind...Shit!

'nuff said

Tags: change, nonsmoking, woot!
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