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Well, that went pretty good...They showed up at the time they said they would and got busy quickly. They were finished shortly after lunch. They had come by and pressure washed on Friday and caulked various areas that needed it. They even washed the back patio and the front walk and porch. Man - do they look good!

For those that asked: Went with the same color it was - A beigey-Yellowey kind of shade. The boys at Sherwin Williams matched it perfectly. The painters had taken a 1X12 off the garage to match the paint. It needed to be replaced anyway.

I am trying not to upset the Homeowners association any more than they already are with me. *grin*

Thought we might have to postpone because of the weather forecast, but we lucked out. Most of the rain was on the east side of Houston today and we are waaaaaaaaay out west. Was overcast all day. And at one point I thought I heard some thunder - AAAACCK!

The guys replaced a few pieces of wood that needed replaced. Even sanded and painted my metal back door. It’s got twelve panes of glass in it. I don’t know who was more shocked...Me or the dog, when they sprayed the WHOLE door. It suddenly got a lot darker in the den!

At one point I was talking to Arturo (The lead brother on this job) and he asks, “You want us to do someting with the fron’ door?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well...We could estain it an’ put a coat of varnish on. That would be extra, though...”

“Well yeah...How much extra?” He named his price, and I said, “Sure - let’s do that”

“Hokay - It will be after everything else is done. You gonna like it!”

And after Pancho was done, I must say, I’ve seen NEW doors that didn’t look so good.

Oh and sahlah no - there won’t be any pictures - Can’t really dig up any that show the aged paint well - and I still haven’t figured out if my camera is gonna work with my mac(!) Some things have - others, well - not so much.

But I can say this - T’was money well spent. And an all together pleasant experience.

Night all!
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