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Conversation I had this morning at 630 AM outside of Big Clam Plaza. This is a guy I see fairly often on the smoke breaks i take. I kinda knew he was an asshole, but until this morning I didn't know just how big of one he really is!

Me: How are ya this fine morning?

He: You know I didn't even get any dinner last night!

Me: What?!

He: When I got home last night there was a passle of kids in the house, a sinkful of dirty dishes, and laundry that needed folding!

Me: Aaaaaaaand?

He: When the kids left what did the wife do?!? Went in and got on the goddam computer!

Me: oh...*thinks: why didn't you pull something out of the fridge otr freezer and pop it in the microwave or something*

He: When I get home tonight all that shit better be squared away and there better be some goddam dinner!

Me: *thinks - Well fuck me~!* Do you realize you sound like some asshole from the last century @ 0630 in the morning

He: What?!?

Me: Have you forgotten how to run a microwave?

He: What?!?

Me: Or load a dishwasher?

He: Hmmph!

Me: Or fold a fuckin' load of laundry? You sound just like the asshole I'm sure your future wife to be, was looking for when you started dating! Fuck!

About this time, he throws his cigarette down, stomps on it and stalks off in the direction of the building entrance...

I was so glad we had this time together. If he was looking for sympathy he was sure looking in the wrong place! Asshole!

Tags: life liberty and the pursuit of happines, stupid shit!
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