TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Icon Meme-age

Here's the way this works. What happens in this meme is, I commented on roobarb  ’s icon post, and she chose seven of my icons for me to comment on, and now I’ll explain them. If you’d like me to choose seven of yours for the same purpose, let me know in a comment!

Is the malevolent, self aware computer from 2001 - A Space Odyssey. It was my intent to use this icon for posts about runaway tech. Or big brother is watching kind of posts. Saw it somewhere and snagged and modified it for my own nefarious purposes. Bwa hahaha!


I needed an icon or two for literary type posts. This dusty old tome touched me. I also use it for posts of various forms of religiosity. Found a picture much larger (of course) on some Tolkien-ish site. Modified and cropped it with PSP and voila!

got my eye on you 2

Yes this is my eye. Just means simply, TexasT's is watching you! his is the second icon I have by the "got my eye on you" icon. I cannot tell you how many pictures I took like this one before i got one that I felt was good enough for iconage. It was quite a bit more than a few! I also have a header image of this pic. One of my better efforts, I think.

Made this with PaintShopPro and Animation Shop - both Corel products for the PC. I think Animation shop is still bundled with PSP. It is supposed to denote deep thought. As in"He's thinkin' so hard, you can hear the gears turning" I "thought" it would be good for that!

Simply - Ready to do Battle? Think maybe I was feeling defensive the day I found this. Or I might have had a headache! *grins*
Ripped from an animated gif site in China or Japan. Re-sized with PSP. Optimized with Animation shop.

rain on flags
For my calm posts. I like rain. Like the sound it make as it hits the ground or flagstones. Or tin Roofs. Or patio covers. Or tents.

I did not design or build this one, but I wish I would have!
Use this one with my zen posts. Or when I post when it's raining. Sometimes if I feel I'm in a good place. Rain like his calms me.

texas 1
What is best in Texas? This is one of the first userpics I designed. My Username is TexasT's. I live in Texas. Texas flag in the background. The Texas State Flower is the Bluebonnet. Texas has some of the biggest, bluest skies (depending where you are) I've ever seen.

So there you have my seven. I would have put these behind a cut, but the lj cut tag doesn't seem to like me tonight. I will have to go see how semagic (on my PC) codes them.
Tags: memes, userpics
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