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Greetings From Austin, Texas!

I didn’t get out of town before one or two this afternoon so, didn’t really make it in time to go to the Faire today. Closes at 6:00.

So I’ll wander around Austin tonight. Never really spent much time up here, so I’m not really sure what to go do.

I’ll take the camera so I can take some’sperimental pictures. Like to see if I can get a decent night photo of the State Capital Edifice.

Dinner is feeling like mexican to me. I may see if I can make my way to Carlos and Charlies for dinner! Haven’t got a CLUE how to get there from here. After that I’ll wander up and down 6th...

The motel I’m staying in has free wireless internet, so I should be able to get directions. Thank the gods for google! *grins*

The motel is right at the intersection of I-35 and HWY 290. Not very glamorous, but it’ll do. Beds seem comfy.

Still seems a little strange to be traveling alone. I suppose I’ll get used to that with time. Or I’ll get a traveling partner at some point!.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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