TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

These look pretty cool

Need to blow big smoke rings? Without the smoke, of course. Then Zero Blaster is the right tool!

And I could actually use one of these Anthro Laptop Carts around here. I’d need the back shelf of course. (Well of course!) But I’m still really looking for some type of solution like this.

I wonder if these are any good. Sure, they look really cool...But how do they sound? Orb Audio

Now these, I’ve heard of. Since they are powered, they probably do sound pretty good. But I worry about bass. I like a good quality (heavy) base line...Audioengine Powered Speakers

And I still need to buy a printer. I’d like an all in one, I think, with ethernet connections. aqnd it’s gotta work with Macs and PC’s. Both Windoze ExPee and Veesta. Any suggestions? What kind of printer do you have? And what do you use it for?

I’m a pretty much all over the map kinda printer guy. Anything from regular documents to maps to nice quality photo prints. And of course anything in between. Nothing like making a commitment, eh? I try not to print too much stuff, but sometimes you just gotta hold the damned piece of paper in your hand...Or I still do, anyway.
Tags: computing, house and home, mbp, my life, tech, toys
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