TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

A Bar Like This Would Never Make It Here...

OSAKA (Kyodo) At a bar in Osaka, company employees returning home from work tip their glasses while watching a blue model train run past.

News photo
Naoki Teraoka serves customers at his recently opened Kitashinchi Tetsudo RE-TO-RO railway bar in Kita Ward, Osaka. KYODO PHOTO

The Kitashinchi Tetsudo RE-TO-RO railway bar opened in June in the high-class Kitashinchi area in Kita Ward, capitalizing on the boom in dramas and cartoons about railway enthusiasts.

At the entrance, model trains are arrayed in showcases. For ¥2,000, not including drinks, customers can run a model train on the bar's track. Buy a train and you can keep it behind the bar, like you would a private bottle of alcohol.

In front of the counter there is a miniature 1950s-era station, complete with a railway that runs for about 30 meters.

Naoki Teraoka, 43, the bar's owner and self-styled stationmaster, said he opened the railway bar because he wanted to provide adults with a little time away from daily life.

If I ever make it to Japan, this might have to be a scheduled stop. *grins*

Tags: modelrailroading, tech, toys, trains
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