TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well Shit!

So the painters are here and at this point...I am pretty much useless. All I can try to do is stay he hell outta the way! But hell, there’s no place that I can be out of the way except the garage or maybe upstairs in one of the bedrooms.

Damn it’s good to feel useless.

But it is effing cold in this MoFo. And getting colder I think we’ve sen our high temperature for today already. Cold and rainy. What a change from last week.

One of the painters came down from the bedroom and says - Was the leak in the master bedroom fixed?

Me: Why?

He: Well because the wall is wet...

Me -....WTF!?

So I go up and check it and sure enough. It’s fucking wet! Go up into the attic. I see some moisture, but nothing that looks like that! I’ve called the roofer The Queen used...I’ve even paged them. We’ll see...But for now - no paintee that wall! FUCK! SHIT! DAMN! HELL!

And there’s something amiss with my network here at the house. Haven’t figured that one out yet, either.
Tags: my life
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