TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I was up pretty early this morning

Just barely before first light. I apologize to any one using dial up.

I was out in the back yard having a smoke and my first cuppa. I happened to look through the trees to the east. Went in the back door, through my office, and right out the front door with my camera. Took a few decent pictures. Digital cameras sure see things in a different light thna the human eye though. I posted these on my flickr account. I've got 3 originals here and 3 that I tweaked - just a little with PaintShopPro. Check these out. Clickee clickee to get a larger picture.


The one on the right is just how it came out of the camera. The one on the left is a little closer to the colors in reality. Both are good pictures. I cannot decide which one I like better.



Well I switched the order. So Original on the left. Slightly tweaked on the right. The colors on the right are a little closer to the real thing. I still like 'em both.

Same with the ones below. I zoomed in a little more on this one. I think I actually like the one on the right better on these two, though. You get more of the blue sky, whereas with the other it gets washed out by the reds.


Full size images at the link to flickr above.

What do yall think?
Tags: sunrises
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