TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Finally Made It to my Destination

Jiminy Crickets! Guess I stayed too long at the hotel this morning. Was trying to arrange for my home away from home for the next few days. Didn’t get outta there until nearly Noon(!)

Called this place: The Inn at Oak Street. Looks nice doesn’t it? And they were willing to bump the folks that had a prior reservation to an upgrade (on the third floor, though) to give me the room I wanted. On the first floor. I thought about it for a while and when Ms. Sonya called me back. I told her i had changed my mind. I just don’t think it is right to inconvenience someone just to satisfy my whimsy! What if they were an old couple in their eighties? You’d have to push them up three flights of stairs. Not fair.

So settled on a La Quinta. Nice big room too. Hi speed interwebs. Free breakfast. So what’s not to like...

I also took the long way to get further up the road. Cruised on Highway 90 east. I was curious to see how far along they were with reconstruction along the Mississippi gulf coast, after THE STORM(s) they’ve had over the last few years.

Lots of new construction, too many friggin’ CASINOS, in my opinion. But whatever works, I guess. Reckon those were rebuilt first, eh? Lots of destroyed buildings and skeletal structures still about. Saw quite a few FEMA trailers too. Jeebus, if the Fed can’t keep it’s shit together long enough to take care of that mess...Never mind I won’t even go there. But y’all know what I mean.

But they still look to have GREAT white sandy beaches! Man I love this part of the country.

And here’s a shot of downtown Mobile, Alabama as I was flying by @ 75 MPH...Don’t worry I just pointed and clicked the shutter. Didn’t even look. Luck of the draw I reckon.

Oh yeah and I started a new set on flickr for his trip:
Roadtrip To Jacksonville Florida and Back to Texas

Have a looksee! Time for sleep now. Gonna be a long one tomorrow!

Tags: my life, roadtrip
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