TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

A Stranger in a Strange Land

Or more aptly perhaps: A Stranger in His Own Hometown...

I was a military brat and so, pretty much rootless. But if I was gonna have a town I was going to call home there are probably but three choices. Jacksonville, Florida (where I happen to be now), Ottawa, Illinois (the town where my mom was from), or Houston, Texas (where I’ve made my home for about the last thirty (!) years).

I left this town 30 years ago. I knew if I stayed, I would end up dead. Or in jail. Neither alternative thrilled me. It sounded like when I was talking to David, (yes the friend that died last week.) that most folks in our peer group did. Left. Jail. Or dead. But you know we had a good time back then...But we all were fucking crazy. Still feel it was the right decision.

Sent cadona an email this morning - Wanna look up her brother and Mom while I’m here and if there is time.

Town kept growing without me. Gonna have to buy a map. I keep getting lost! Small matter to rectify, really.

The body doesn’t like hotel soaps. Need to buy some and some lotion. And some distilled water. The air in my CPAP tastes and smells kind of funny. I used local water last night. Woke up with a funny (or funnier) taste in my mouth. But I noticed the smell last night. Or early this morning when I actually went to bed. *grin*

I have family issues too...Who woulda guessed, right? Was the Black sheep for so long, no one is really sure about me. *Heh* YOU try disappearing for 20 years and see what happens! I think I turned out alright...Don’t really give a crap about what any one else thinks of me. Never have. Probably never will, either.

It was nice of Joe’s kids to include me in the obituary listing. They didn’t need (or feel that they had) to do that. Never really considered myself one of his “kids”. But a nice gesture all the same...

No one knows I’m here yet. So I’m kinda free to navigate about the city. At least until about 4:30 PM or so when I need to change clothes for the funeral. And find my way to the funeral home. Probably give one of my sisters a call around three and see what is the plan. Or if there is one.

No pics in this post. Saving your bandwidth for later!
Tags: death, home, life, my life, roadtrip
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