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Tomorrow Morning I go in for (Outpatient) Surgery

I haven't been sleeping well of late and have found myself unable to use the CPAP machine anymore. It really was helping me for a while. Six hours sleep with a CPAP was better than eight or ten hours without...

Hence I went to see an Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. He diagnosed me with a deviated septum (which I knew I had) and enlarged turbinates (which I didn't). He said I have an 80% blockage on one side due to the deviation. No wonder that one side always felt plugged up!  Because it is! So now I'm gonna get that fixed. The other anatomical anomaly - Enlarged turbinates. These are the bones in your (well everybody's) nose that are covered with mucus membranes, which keep your sinuses and everything else up there moist. There is apparently some blockage caused by these as well.

After that discussion we set a date for the surgery. And tomorrow is it!

The main reason I am having it done now is: For the first time in twenty something years - I met my deductable on my health insurance. It's hell gettin' old. Once it is over and healed though (and I quit smoking) - I can begin to do something about the lousy shape I find myself in. I was never what you would call athletic, but I was active. Not the couch spud I seem to be now. I hate that! Tired of the ever expanding me...

So when all is said and done I hope to be breathing much better. In a month or so...

Oh yeah as a little sidebar here - I'm also gonna try again to quit smoking. Yep. No smoking from tomorrow on. Laid in some supplies for the next week. In that stash is a 2 week supply of Nicoderm CQ. Colleague at work used it for the whole program and it really seemed to do the trick for her. Won't be easy here -  The Queen is not quitting with me. No real surprise there. But hopefully, I can deal. With. It.

I shaved my mustache and beard today in preparation, for the surgery, since they talked about having to sterilize my face, I went ahead and shaved it off. No sense having them do it. I'm sure that would be one expensive shave! *grin* But my upper lip feels -**nekkid! There was a lot more gray in my facial hair than I would like to admit. Of course there is a lot more gray in the hair on my head than I thought. I happened to move a piece of hair off my forehead and saw under neath. OhMaGawd! There's an awful lot of it under thar. I reckon I earned all of 'em. One way or another.

I'm sure the Queen noticed I shaved, but she hasn't said anything about it.

On another note - the 1st floor gutters I spent a Saturday or Sunday cleaning out an stabilizing seem to be working. Today's been a pretty good test. It's been raining on and off all day here in South East Texas.

**Y'all do know the difference between naked and nekkid, don'cha?

Naked is simply being without clothing.
Nekkid is naked and up to something!

''nuff said...
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