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About That Drive From New Orleans...

dod-i-r was dumbstruck. And how often does that happen. *grins*.

I chose to drive over through Louisiana via I-10, from Slidell to the Texas border rather than backtrack to I-12 as most folks do. It had been quite sometime since I had been to The Big Easy, and I was curious as to what was left of Katrina’s wrath that was visited upon this ancient (By American standards, anyway) city. After talking to a friend via telephone who assured me traffic shouldn’t be too bad, it was Sunday and the Saints were playing on Monday, I took to the road.

dod-b-ry the way storm damage is readily apparent in Slidell, as well. A lot of abandoned homes. It was obvious that some of these places were completely submerged. Also a lot of new construction underway. Just like down at the beach in Mississippi.

dod-n-rew Orleans has always seemed to me to offer the best and indeed the worst of America. And we love it. It is a gritty, old city that sits too low and too close to the Gulf of Mexico for it’s own good.

Traffic was thick but not too bad. But what is it with you folk that insist on doing the speed limit (or below) in the leftmost lane and just sit there so the rest of us have to take our (and yours too) lives in our hands to get around you. Saw this on the whole drive, but is was categorically worse in Mississippi, and Lousiana.

dod-a-rt some point relatively early on the journey I passed by an overpass.

...It was festooned with all manner of memorials. I dunno if it was storm related or just a random car accident or two. But it would seem to me to be too much stuff for that. It was a glorious display of humanity’s regret for the past and things beyond the petty control of humans as well as hope for the future. There were wreaths, candles, plaques, memorials of all kinds set among the detritus of storm remains. I didn’t stop to take a picture (I was on a freeway) and I didn’t think I could do it justice anyway. Let the dead be dead and the let living mourn them in their own way. This wasn’t the last such display I saw along the way, either. But it probably was the best one.

dod-a-rs I got closer to the city, it was becoming obvious to me that whatever Federal, State, and Local governments and private and public organizations were doing, It ain’t enough people! It is appalling some of the things I’ve seen. Semi destroyed homes and commercial buildings that should have been cleaned up long ago. FEMA trailers galore. Apartment buildings with people living in them that should have been torn down! Destitute folk everywhere. (of course you can see those folk anywhere) Homes that need to be scrapped. And either given a “Do Over” card or a Get Out of the City Free Card. I understand they had to move around 28,000 vehicles that were simply abandoned.

dod-i-r don’t think you can maneuver too far in the city (or that area, for that matter) without seeing reminders of that terrible event and the failure of the government at all levels to deliver succor and comfort to those folks that really need it.


e have failed those fine people and their fair city.

I am not one to agree with celebrities, normally. I don’t usually give two shits what comes out of their mouths. But Brad Pitt is right...

Edit: Coincidentally TWC is showing a Storm Stories about the Aftermath of that bitch: Katrina..
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