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Need to light your path in the dark? Blaze a trail through the house in utter darkness? Read abook at night? A map in the car. Then maybe the 4 (count them FOUR!) LED lighted baseball cap is for you! From Go Fast and Light

Our Advanced LED cap offering is perfect for Hunting, Fishing, or Camping, as well as Walking The Dog, Grilling, or working on home improvement projects. Wherever you need light, but want to keep your hands free, this hat delivers on it’s promise of being the “Ultimate Hands Free Flashlight”.

Why is this one Advanced ?

* LEDs are spaced to provide a wider beam of illumination.

* Fabric is Premium RealTree AP HD Camo. Coveted by hunters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, and yes, the fashionistas !

* One size fits all - with adjustable Velcro strap.

* 4 LEDs total are hidden in the brim, so no one knows your hat is special until you turn them on.

* 2 GREEN LEDS provide light at night while preserving your night vision (pupils don't constrict), you don't suffer temporary night blindness when they are turned off.

* Animals are less sensitive to the green wavelengths, and are less likely to be spooked when you use the Green LEDs

* 2 Ultra Bright White LEDs provide light for up to 30 feet for trekking through the woods or close up for grilling, home repair projects, or reading books or maps.

* Dual Battery Packs - 2 Sets of coin size batteries - doubles the battery time(one pack for the green and one pack for the white) and provide 30+ hours of battery. They can be changed out in seconds with no tools needed. * Hidden Push Button Switch allows you to utilize 3 different lighting configurations:

1.) TWO Green: Preserves Night Vision
2.) TWO White: Anytime Lighting
3.) MAX 2 Green + 2 White: Maximum Lighting

Order one for yourself and buy a few extra to give as gifts to friends and family (otherwise they may “borrow” yours!!!)

Technical Specs: -- Batteries: 4 - CR-2032 coin cells (Included)
-- Battery Life: 30+ hours with all 4 LED’s lit
-- Switch: Mechanical switch is rated at 50,000 on/off cycles and is hidden in the underside of the brim for easy on/off
-- Ultra Bright LED”S (10,000+ MCD each) will last for 100,000+ hours and won’t be damaged by dropping
-- Water Resistant

Via The Houston Chronicle Gift Guide

Of course I don't think I'd take this one swimming. Water resistant indeed. Sold out for Christmas though. Oh yeah and they have one in white.

Oh yeah - This post is the beginning of a series I'm gonna call "Stuff I Like..."

Appropriate, nu?

And no it ain't a solicitation. I hardly ever wear caps anymore. Just an effort by me to bring you the high quality posts you deserve!

Edit: They have some other pretty cool stuff on that site as well: http://gofastandlight.com/
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