TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Holiday Parties @ Work...Meh...

 Why do you have to sully a nice luncheon event, by splitting everyone into teams to compete for some trivial bullshit thing?

Day before yesterday we had a nice lunch at one of the boutique hotels in downtown Houston. The food was okay - although some folks claim to have gotten ill from the food. *WTF?* Didn't bother me, though.

What did bother me though? Splitting folk into 5 or 6 different teams for a snowman building competition, using balloons, construction paper, and scotch tape. You had to delegate tasks (what effin' manager thought this bullshit up any way?), come up with a theme for your snow"person" (Let us not forget to be farkin' politically correct, here). It had to be in excess of three and a halof feet tall (we were also provided with tape measures). 

You had to elect a spokesperson to tell the story of  of your creation. And you had to do it in under 15 minutes. 

I got stuck on a team of mostly management wags *sigh* with no clue on construction with the materials provided...(Don't you have kids?

Luckily the other programmer that was stuck with this band of misfits and I had some ideas which were adopted forthwith. We let the manager with the gift of gab and bullshit be the spokesperson - the only other choice would have been me. Jeebus...

Verbosity - It's a gift!

We won the prize for "Most Creative" Not sure if it was for the use of materials. Or the bullshit the spokesperson put forth...

The prize? A five dollah $tarbuck$ gift card...

Yeah - Gee Whiz! Thanks!

I work for one of the largest multinationals in the world and this is the best y'all could come up with? 

So we have another lunch today - In house this time...But I'm sure we'll have some other silly form of "team building" exercise at this one too...

Tags: holidaze, my life, work
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