TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

All the News that Fits...

Excuse me if I seem to be rambling on. Might be the meds...hahahahahahahahaha!

Oddly enough - Humor!
I must be feeling better...My sense of humor seems to be returning. I laughed out loud when I read these. Or it could be the meds....
Freely Stolen from the Oct '06 Readers Digest- All In a Days Work:

First one is for The Offspring:
A customer came into our coffee shop and ordered a pastry. "This my breakfast AND lunch," he told my co-worker.
"Oh," she said, " you're killing two birds with one scone."
Jill Stout
I'd just lobbied a Congressman in his Washinton, D.C. office when I stopped to use the rest room. After washing my hands, I stepped up to the dryer and noticed a note pasted to it. The note said, "Push button for a message from Congress."
Michael Brokovich

In Other TexasT's News:
Sent a note to my team today for the basket that I rec'd from them this afternoon! It's got plenty of fruit (which I need), cookies and such (which I don't, heh. But will be happy to take care of!), and Chocolate (which I most definitley DO need! ha)! V-e-d-d-y n-i-c-e!

Monday I had a septoplasty and turbinate surgery. Surgery seems to have gone well. But boy am I glad I shaved as I had a nosebleed all day and most of the night. What a mess that could have been. Yucky!

At any rate, kept me awake last night. Didn't sleep a wink. Still can't breathe out of my nose very well, but without the packing I removed this morning there is some improvement, but not much yet. I dozed on and off all day, thanks to meds from the doctor.

My nose is pretty swollen. "ad I soud like I hab a readdy bab code in my node" Heh!

Since I shaved, The Offspring says, "You probably look like you are in your 20's now."
I say,"Thank you! Yeah right..."  You know what they say about flattery...

Also, I don't understand why my ribcage feels like someone has been STANDING ON it!

I see the Doctor on Monday and hope to be back to work soon after that. But we will see what he says.

Oh yeah - in other news
I stopped smoking on Monday as well. I'm started on  "the patch" as well. So maybe this time I can make it stick! (pun intended) Seemed to work for a co-worker so...With the surgery and all - it just seemed like a good time...Probably a good thing I am by myself most of the day, eh?
davidoflondon - Thanks for that last bit of advise you gave me the last time I quit...

'nuff said!

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