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dod-s-ro the downstairs powder room had apparently been invaded by some gas belching demon spawn. We had noticed slight whiffs in the past (like over the last year or so) that might indicate the room was possessed. But that was nothing compared to what has occurred over the last three days. I’d reckon the assault came to a head over the high holidays of Christendom might be a sign of things to come. Bad omen perhaps?! Bad portents?

“But it’s an ill wind blaws naebody gude.”

Try as I might I could not locate the bugger ‘cept by the foul stench that seemed to be emanating from the vicinity of the water closet. I scrubbed both the floor of and the commode itself. At least three times...TODAY! And yesterday. To no avail. The foulness continued unabated. The assault upon the nostrils became even worse!

As much as I hate to admit defeat, I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed...So I had to summon a shaman of the pipes...This was most easily accomplished as there were many listed in the services directory. I summoned one I had a coupon for and that was of fine repute!

The shaman showed up shortly after one of the clock and proceeded with his ritualistic assessment of said possessed bathroom. He came to me sometime later and said he could banish said demon spawn, but that it would cost 259 clams. Asked him about the coupon and he said he would take it. I asked him to proceed.

He banished the demon and re-caulked the commode to the floor. I happily paid my 229 clams and bid him good day!

Okay put another way:
We seemed to have a sewage gas problem. I scrubbed the toilet 3 or 4 times, but the funk was still with us. Gave up and called a plumber. Plumber pulled the toilet and replaced the seal and the water supply hose. Replaced the toilet and caulked around the bottom...No Smell!
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