TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Gods and Godesses Save Me

From precocious, yet clueless, bored, lonely, under-utilized, under supervised, ill mannered, nerd wannabe sixteen year olds!

Went to Panera Breads tonight for dinner. Gots me the you-pick-two: Broccoli and cheddar soup and half a ham and swiss. Yummy stuff!

Also had the January issue of Model Railroader with me. All I wanted to do was eat my meal, drink my sweet tea, and read my mag. I wasn't channeling, "I'm lonely or bored...Talk to me."

I don’t know how it is in most other countries, but here serving folk have a BAD habit of interrupting you to ask “how everything is” as soon as you put food in your mouth. Tonight was no exception. I had just taken a bite of my sammich. The boy (see above) was exceptionally polite, even apologized for doing that, which he claimed pissed him off too, and then proceeded to hold me up making *polite* small talk for about ten minutes!

Told me he thought his life was half over. He had nothing else to look forward to...”Oh Pul-leeeease,” I said. “I’ll be 50 in about two months and I don’t feel MY life is half over. You haven’t even worked up a good head of steam yet, son!” Honestly, I tried to shoo this kid off politely. But he would have none of it. Continued to chatter on about anything and nothing.

I was about to ask him rather forcefully if he didn’t have something else to do, when the light must have gone on. Ding! (I have a rather expressive face)

“Well enjoy the rest of your evening, sir!” he said and moved on to terrorize a table full of school girls somewhere behind me.

I didn’t even get through one article in my mag!
Tags: my life
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