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I'm a failure. I picked them up again. Last night the Queen and I met some of her freinds after work for a few drinks and appetizers.

The restaurant had these 'Blue Margaritas' and I had a quite few of them.

On the way home, either the Queen or myself picked a fight. Great. Screaming match in the car. Gotta love them.


Trouble is, I had too much to drink and my memories of last night are somewhat dim. I didn't lose everything...but enough to wonder why every one is still mad...

Picture this though - I am Angry, I am Drunk, I am Hurt, and I am Weak! So bought a pack on the way home.

I feel so bad today that I don't have the heart to throw them away.

I'll start stopping again tomorrow!

'nuff said.


Oh yeah - one more thing. - Don't ever let me drink tequila again. EVER!

Never Ever!


one more more thing - I think the Queen kicked the step-son out last night...but I ain't asking her...
Tags: drinking, smoking, tequila, the queen
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