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So I Did a Little Road Trip Today...

To San Felipe, Texas. It is not too far from Katy, where we live but is far enough out to be considered "Country".  About a 30 to 40 minute drive from the homestead in Katy. Click the pic for a somewhat bigger (and better quality) view.

Notable about San Felipe:
San Felipe, Texas was originally known as San Felipe De Austin, Texas and was founded by one of the fathers of Texas, Stephen F. Austin in 1824 as the unofficial capital of his colony. The town briefly served as the capital of the provisional government of the Republic of Texas in 1835. It was burned to the ground in 1836 to keep it from falling into the hands of the Mexican Army during the War for Texas Independence.

From the Handbook of Texas Online: San Felipe De Austin
More on Stephen F. Austin. Here in Wikipedia. He was quite the character.

Reason for the Road Trip (as if I really needed one *grin*) I wanted to get out to clear my head and take some pictures. Of different textures (sahlah~!) and things. And just things in general. I took over 175 photographs today. I love digital photography! Will take me a while to sort through the chaff before I can get them uploaded to flickr though.

But here's a good one of a Union Pacific Rail Road bridge: Clicky the photo for a bigger and better view.

I don't know why the quality on those two pics is so awful. They uploaded to Scrapbook just fine. Pictures always seem to look better when I put them in from flickr. So I'm blaming Scrapbook.

Nothing like spending a little time outside to clear the head. How about a couple of self portraits. Does this dude look like he means business or what?

Thank goodness for tripods and timers. Although, I could use a little longer than 10 seconds to compose myself!

The "Here's Your Sign" Department in San Felipe, Texas.

I stopped a couple of miles from the actual town site today to get gas and batteries (Got ripped off for those!) for the camera. And since there was a Subway Sandwich shop there as well, I thought I would pick up some lunch as well. Slotted my card and filled up. When I finished I asked the machine for a receipt. And the print failed. So I moseyed on into the store to ask the cashier for one. Sidled up to the counter and asked the gal at the register for a receipt.

"Which pump?" she asked.

I had to look. And my car was the only one at the pumps! WTF! "Uh- Pump five..." "Oh and by the way, Here's your sign, Darlin'!"

Once I get through the pictures I took today I'll get them uploaded to flickr and post a link.
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