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All right I'll play....Since you asked nicely

Self quiz thing...Tagged by alleycat2681 and danicia among others...

Each person starts with eight random facts, traits, or quirks about themselves.

* LJer’s that are tagged get to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

* At the end of your blog, you get to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

I. I was born outside the good graces of wedlock. And in 1958 I believe this was a pretty big deal. When my mother told me as an adolescent, I surely made her pay for it. I was a rebellious teen. As a matter of fact if you looked rebellious up in the dictionary, at one time my picture was there.

Was that TMI??

II. Scotland - I lived in Thurso, Scotland. Thurso is one of the Northern most towns in Scotland. Don’t believe me? Look it up...We moved there from Virginia when I was in the 6th grade. Thurso was a great place to be a kid. For American Adults - Not so much. My Dad had put in for overseas shore duty - He was Navy - He wanted to take us to Japan and they sent him to Scotland instead. That was the last foreign assignment he took. Mother was extremely unhappy there. As a result - so was he...But the north of Scotland was, for me, infinitely interesting. Still one of my favorite places I’ve lived.

Also lived in High Wycombe, in Bucks, GB - Eisenhower’s Supreme Allied Headquarters was based there in WWII. Another interesting place. And one of my faves.

III. Skipped from the 6th grade (in Virginia) to the equivelent of the ninth grade in Scotland. And failed horribly - DUH! Rebounded the next year. But still.

IV. Oh! I went to the National Spelling Bee in Washington DC the year i was in sixth grade. Right before we went to Thurso.

V. Texas - I wasn’t born here - But I got here as fast as I could. Before Texas I lived in various States and countries. But I’ve lived in Texas since 1977. That is most of my adult life.

VI. Work - I’ve worked for the same company, a multinational Petrochemical Corp for over 28 years. I like to call it - The Big Clam...

VII. I’m not a terribly picky eater. If someone has cooked for me, I’ll generally try to eat (and enjoy) whatever was cooked and not bitch about it. Even if I didn’t like it, it is likely you would never know. Exception: Turkey - I like turkey alright - but only in the form of TURKEY. Not sausage, not bacon, not GROUND (yuck!). And certainly not as bologna or ham!

VIII. PC’s - I’m a completely self taught PC geek. No college and very little formal training. I’ve yet to meet the machine that can get the best of me.

IX. Bonus! ~ I tend to obsess over lists like this...

Hope y’all realize - I rarely do memage anymore. Just because I’ve added a few folk I thought I’d give this one a spin...

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