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Finally Finished "A Pirate Looks At Fifty"...And So Back to the Beach...

This is not a book review, by the way...

Woke at three-thirty this morning *sigh*. Picked the book up from where it had fallen from my hand last night. I had a really hard time slogging it through this one. But I finished it this morning. Just a little while ago.

I had taken this book up to bed with me last night. I was down to the last 75 pages or so. But of course, I fell asleep before I got more than a few pages read.

I really had a hard time getting through this one. Been giving this some thought, because I generally like to hear what Jimmy has to say. It wasn’t because it was a crappy book or that I didn’t like the subject matter. We have ton’s of his music, and ALL of his books around here somewhere. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of his books. Honestly though, I’m a little tired of the music. I know the man has sold millions upon millions of records, but the music seems so...Trite anymore. To me. The Queen still snaps up just about anything he lays down into a CD...But me?

The last few records and concerts I went to of his, all felt about the same...There is a formula at work there and maybe I have just fallen outside of it.

Anyway ~ about me and the book. Nice bit of fluff. Good beach reading I’m sure...Except it is winter time here. Why did I have such a hard time with it? I like his writing style ~ I can even write in that particular style. But it’s all so very fluffy!

Why then? Maybe like his music, I’m just tired of it? Nah, don’t think so. I still like his music. But I guess the older, less commercial stuff. Less formulaic. *It’s a word!* And I like his written word!

Again. Why then...?

Got something to do with the fact I’m turning 50 in 8 days? Probably. It may not have been a really good time for me to read “A Pirate Looks at Fifty” (Of course, Buffett should be over sixty now. So is there another tome in the offing here?) Like him, I love the beach and the water and all that implies.

For someone who was not born on the Gulf Coast, I’m as close and connected to it as I can be. I was born close to one of the inner coasts, in Chicago.

I admire the man and all his many works and accomplishments...And there’s the rub. By the time he was fifty he had accomplished so much. Whereas I...Not so much...it feels like, anyway. I know I’ve done mostly the best with the cards I was dealt. There are some things, in retrospect, I might have done differently. Do I regret doing things the way I did? Mostly...No. Experiences are a big part of who we become.

But how is it that making a left turn, instead of a right, or going straight, for that matter, can make so much difference?

What it all comes down to, for me, is this:

I’m just plain old, stupidly, jealous. Jimmy Buffett is living the life I wanted. And I can see that I will never get there. At least to that level. And I don’t want it all...Just a small piece. *grins*

Glad I got that figured out...It was vexing me...

Well now if I ever live to be an old man
I’m gonna sail down to Martinique
I’m gonna buy me a sweat-stained Bogart suit
And an African parakeet
And then I’ll sit him on my shoulder
And open up my trusty old mind
I gonna teach him how to cuss, teach him how to fuss
And pull the cork out of a bottle of wine

~Jimmy Buffett ~ Migration

Much love Jimmy, much love.
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