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Dinner Conversation?

Had a nice phone conversation with the lovely belleaire tonight! I had called her earlier today just to check on her...She begged off and said she would call later because she had another call...The mysterious "EJ" perhaps, m'dear?

She called me back right after I had had a salad at our local Black Eyed Pea Restaurant, but before the main course came. When the main  part of my meal did come I saw no reason to terminate the call, as I had ordered an appetizer plate and it was all finger food. So we talked. And talked. And talked. Up until the point where I was pushing the plate away. Talked about a bunch different things. Mostly about lifestyle changes at fifty! Both hers and mine.

Was good to put a voice with the blog! We kinda sorta made semi tentative plans to meet somewhere between here and Round Rock the next time she's down that way from Dallas. She still owes me a beer or two and I'm sure I owe her at least a six pack! *grins* She's helped me get over a rough patch or two and may not even realize it. That will all be sorted out soon, I'm sure.

Let's do that again soon, kiddo! Don't know about you, but I've got free long distance on my cell plan...

Any way, we rang off, I paid my bill and ot outta there. I was gonna stop at the store and get some milk.

I noticed the big silver sliver of the moon was setting in the west. I was gonna stop and take a few (or try to) pictures. Had my tripod but not the camera. It was in my bag...At THE HOUSE...Meh.

I could see the moon moving lower in the sky, so I knew I couldn't get to the house to get the camera and get back to the point where I could snap a few experimental exposures off before the moon slipped below the horizon.

I always (okay, usually) have that bag with me because the damned camera (and my iPod) is in it...But not tonight...So I just parked in the dark behind the store and watched the sliver of the moon move lower in the sky until it was obscured by the tree line in the distance.

Sure made me feel a little calmer...That will slow ya down a little I think...
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