TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Man, That's Gonna Hurt in the Morning!

A couple of The Cool One’s friends stopped by tonight to see The Queen. She must have art one point offered them drinks. I dunno, stopped after work to get a haircut and a trim...

They were well on their way to a pretty good buzz when I got home. Doing shots and the like...She took them to dinner shortly after I got home. They returned and went right back into it.

Hellllllllllllllloooooo! It is TUESDAY! You have to work in the morning. Talking about The Queen. Got no idea what the kids’ work schedules are and I don’t really care.

The kids left about a half an hour ago. The Queen was up the stairs like a shot, muttering something along the lines of, “ I am seriously LOADED!” as soon as they were out of the driveway. I took her up some advil and a glass of water...She knows she’ll feel like shit in the AM. At least she hasn’t gotten sick. Yet.

She didn’t need to try to keep up with them, I said. She replied, “I didn’t! And I’m still loaded. And they are talking about coming Saturday night!!! A bunch of them!

Think I’ll take a pass, thankyouverymuch...And seek out some adult companionship instead. Me and the ol’ laptop will make ourselves scarce...See yall Sunday morning - Maybe.

Why am I not reeped to the gills you ask? Well for one thing, “Hellllllllllllllloooooo! It is TUESDAY!” and I need to get up at 0445! For another I wasn’t asked to participate. Fine by me...I’ve drank them all under the table already anyway. ALL of them. When The Cool One was last home...Nothing to prove here. Wasn’t trying to prove anything then, either.

Common sense prevailed. Quite an accomplishment for me considering the Wild Child I used to be...Even 10 years ago...!

Nigh on midnight here ~ I’m off to dreamland...’Fraid I’ll have to shower first and wash the hair off my neck...
Tags: the cool one, the queen
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