TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So At One Point I Turned Around in my Chair


To find I had two High-powered Managers, two Project Managers, and three Developers in my cube yesterday...(This is rarely a good thing) And they weren't here to say hello! 

What am I, a roadblock? Yes, yes I am. So you two PM's had to bring not one but TWO Managers to my cube so that I wouldn't give your developers hell for not following the procedure. That they agreed to?? 

Get the hell away from me!

Cry babies...I hate dealing with Project Managers. They think everything connected with thier projects is an emergency. And it ain't.

They wanted me to unlock a superuser ID in a Project systembox that I HAVE NO ACCESS IN...

And they had already left a voicemail for one of my EU counterparts that is actually the Security Admin for that project...

Tags: work, wtf
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