TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Draggin' Ass

Finally forced myself to leave the house this morning. Over an hour late. This isn't who I am...I generally love life and I even love my job...I've got a serious lack of focus right now though. Especially at work.

I hate drag assing. And that's all I've done this week. Drag my ass into work...Drag my ass home...Drag my ass into the shower...Drag my ass to the store...Drag my ass out the door.

Just Draggin' My Ass!

I may need to get out of town this weekend. Or at least out of the house...I think maybe the former would do me more good than the latter. And I'm off thru Tuesday this next week...

And I cannot pretend that my B-Day, which is looking to be as much of a non event as VD was, or Christmas, or any other holiday over the last year or so, is not weighing on my mind. 

Now that I've seen the above in print as it were, I definitely need a change of scenery. I'm certain of it. Get my camera, the mac, a bunch of batteries (for the camera), a few days worth of clothes, likkle smoke ~ and bail. Would do me a world of good, I'm sure...

This non relationship I'm trapped in, is driving me crazy...

Not so much because of the relationship, or lack of one. I can generally deal with that part because i know it is temporary. 

But just the utter absurdity of the entire situation. It's CRAZY!
Tags: my life
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