TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So I'm Here at the Beach in Galveston...

And I should have brought some flannel!

Little chilly here this morning. In the fifties. Not too bad. Cold wind coming off the gulf and right in my door. Been waiting for sun rise...I forgot to open the curtains and I very nearly missed it!. I’ll have photos in a bit. But here this ought to hold you...

Surf at Night

The Tide was in last night and seemed to stop just a few feet from the seawall! I don’t remember the tide coming ing in that close...

I blew in late last night around nine or so. I stopped to visit with Michele and Richard. The gave me a two and a half pound can of CASHEWS! Those two are nuts! NUTS I say! *grin* Then I stopped in to see Nancy and Ivan and hung out with them for a bit. Talked about just how crazy my life seems to be right about now...

Once I got checked in I went in search of diner. Stopped in at HOOTers. Watched a bit of the NBA all Star game there and drank a couple of Heinekens and had a burger. This HOOTers is out over the water of the gulf.


Lastly, Here is a billboard that makes a statement to me:


Edit: Just saw some dude outside in shorts, his t-shirt indicated he's from Sauk, Wisconsin! Dude! Put on some clothes!
Tags: 5-oh!, birthdays, my life
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