TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So I Did Move

Down the beach. It is all about the upgrades you know? Went from a standard, dinky, old and dated room, to a king “suite”. Gots a Kings size bed, A nice desk area, fridge, nicer bathroom...Balcony. All for the same price I was paying for the standard room in that older, dated motel.

Of course it’s further down the beach. But I don’t care. I’m here for the solitude anyway. I always get a no smoking room (even though I smoke) because the smoking rooms just stink. So the balcony is a bonus, so I don’t have to wander outside if I don’t want to.

But yeah, I had a pretty good day. The Offspring drove down from Houston and met me at Guido’s where I pigged out on shrimp and beer! And while we were there I had a call from alleycat2681 to wish me a Happy B-day too! My girls are goood.

After lunch The Offspring and I wandered around the strand for a while, till she had to go back to town. I then drove down the seawall and headed for the ferry that goes to the Bolivar Peninsula and cruised on 87 through Crystal Beach and beyond, until it dead ends, basically in the ocean. That road was never the same after Hurricane Alicia, I think, way back in the 1980’s. I can remember driving down 87 and even before Alicia, the Gulf was mighty close to the road. Matter of fact I’d seen it up and over the road before that. It finally did just wash out...After that I turned around and headed back.

Took over 70 pictures today. Some of them might even make it to flickr! Haha! Probably won’t get them uploaded here. The freakin’ connection seems to be really slow.

Anyhoo, I need to go out and scavenge some dinner, apparently while a handfull of pictures uploads...thbthbthb! More laterzzz!
Tags: 5-oh!, beach, birthdays, my life, roadtrips
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