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Sluggin' It Home on the Katy...

Road home with a nice looking lady tonight. She was quiet enough so I didn’t feel guilty about slipping my headphones on and catching up on some video podcasts. Nice, uneventful ride home.

As I was getting out of her car at the Park-n-Ride, my phone holster snagged on something, the clip gave way *SPANG!*, the damned phone (still in the holster) flew up into the air, across the car and landed...

On the seat, RIGHT BETWEEN HER LEGS! I could not have hit that spot if I planned it!

ZOMFG! We had a good laugh...She was just as shocked as I was. She reached between her legs and handed me my phone, I said, “Thank you!” And beat a hasty retreat to my car. Red faced, I’m sure *Not!*

I’m just glad the thing didn’t ring...It was set to vibrate and I might never have gotten it back! *grins*

I never liked that holster, I bought it at the BIG BLUE BOX store and it didn’t fit my phone correctly from day one. The belt clip rotated too freely (and since it didn’t fit the phone correctly, the thing kept falling out of it.

Swung by the local ATT store on the way home to see what they had and picked one up that was made for the old (1st Gen) Razr. While I was there I asked the kid working behind the counter about the rumors I’d heard over the web about a possible price drop on the Apple brick phone.

He said, “I don’t know anything about that. We don’t sell the iPhone in this store.”

“Really! Why not?” I enquired.

“Not enough profit in those units”

The store is just an authorized dealer for ATT...Price controls? I reckon so.

As I was leaving the store though, I struck up a conversation with a silicone enhanced blond who had been raising hell with someone (on the phone) about her dead phone. She had the most striking grey eyes. And tight jeans.

Didn’t do her any good though, the kid couldn’t help her with her corporate account.

She had spilled some water on her shiny, silver Razr and it was no longer functioning. DUH! This was her third one! She must be hella rough on cell phones. I’ve had the same one for two years with no issues. And I ain’t easy on electronics either.

Oh well, I’m off to bed. Gonna read some Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine till I drop off. Hopefully I’ll dream of strong, well defined thighs...gripping...My phone! *grins*
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