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Stumbled on Burbia - Living Live on the Edge...of the Patio. Some of the entries are pretty good.

What got me there you might ask? Or you might not ~ because you know I'm gonna tell you any way ~!

Picked up from one of my feeds from somewhere. I was off so deep in the links I couldn't even tell you at this point which one led me there.

logoM.B. Darden wrote two articles:
"Things I Learned At the Apple Store" and

"Things I Learned At the Apple Store -- Part 2"

Mr. Darden fell into an Apple Store one blustery Cold assed winter day or night, can't remember which. And ended up walking out with a mac under his arm. Can those guys sell or what?

Heh-heh ~ One PC user at a time. Sooner or later we'll get you all!

Anyways...Interesting perspective on the Apple Store "Experience" But the best part of the two post isn't necessarilly the content of the posts, but the comments. Nothing brings out the fanboys like some one with an opinion...

Some folks really know how to show the stoopid....
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